With passion for art & Making


Kristal  Petruzzi is the Owner of Happy Lark Art Studio. She is a mixed media artist and intuitive painter. She is a definite "maker" who enjoys the art of being creative.

Being creative everyday is food for the soul:: if you come into the studio, you will find cool supplies to accompany your next art journey, or a cool place to create and learn.

Kristal has a particular interest in the visual arts for children. She has been a public education teacher for 15 years, and has seen the art programs and resource dwindle down each year. She values art in education, and sponsors a local art teacher each year with a grant. 

She also offers art classes for children after school and for home-school students in the studio. Students not only have the opportunity to be creative, but to learn the elements and principles of art and how to use them in their artwork, as well as some art history. She believes art is a way of life:: not just a subject. Many children are being left behind because their unique way of learning is not being addressed. She believes through the expression of art, students can learn via a wide scope lens and become happy productive citizens that can view life artistically and solve problems creatively.

(Don't worry:: Kristal offers classes for adults too in mixed media and intuitive painting in the evening and on Saturday night perfect for date night or to create with friends)


If you are a public  or private school teacher in North Okaloosa County and would like to apply for an art grant from the Happy Lark, please check back in the Fall of the Year, or come by the studio and visit with Kristal.



“Being an Artist is not about being the best, or naturally talented:: it’s about expressing something deep inside you. It’s about creating with your hands, and growing your soul at the same time”
— Kristal Petruzzi